Fall Benefit Event

Our 11th Annual Fall Benefit Event promises to be another inspiring evening as we share moving stories from our theme: For Such a Time as This. We are delighted to welcome Christian Comedian Michael Jr. as our special guest for the evening.

Enjoy an evening of great food, music, entertainment and inspirational videos as we rejoice in the wonderful things God is doing to rescue women and their babies from brokenness and bring them into a beautiful future.

North Texas Giving Day

Mercy House is participating in the 2019 North Texas Giving Day on 9-19-19

Mercy House is participating in the nation’s largest community-wide giving event: North Texas Giving Day. Schedule giving starting 9-9-19. Or, donate 9-19-19 from 6 am to midnight.

2018 Mercy House Fall Benefit: Oh, What a Night!

2018 Mercy House Fall Benefit: Rise Up!

This year, we truly soared to new heights at our 2018 Fall Benefit: Rise Up! It was a beautiful evening. Thank you to all who joined us and for your continued support. Enjoy the pictures!

Bridgette’s Story

Bridgette, a 2003 Mercy House graduate, shares her story.

In 2003, Bridgette learned she was pregnant. She didn’t know how she would make it through the next couple of months, let alone hope, dream, and plan for her future. Yet, she chose life for her baby and came to Mercy House. She shares significant events in her life that may not have happened if it were not for Mercy House.

Shelter in the Midst of a Storm

We all need shelter in the midst of a storm. Mercy House has opened our availability to women affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

We all need shelter in the midst of a storm. Thank you for helping us be not only a shelter but a place to call home for women in need.