What is Mercy House?

Mercy House Ministries offering hope and help for single pregnant women

Adapted from an Article Repost from:
1 MAY 2009 in Southlake Moms Contributors

By Jessica Begley

There’s a house in the distance with a warm glow of light, welcoming tired and troubled souls. Simply knock and the door opens to a solace where brokenness is healed, and loving voices sing praises -– peace be still. A hospitable abode where emptiness is filled and grace revealed. This is the house that MERCY built.

– “The House That Mercy Built”, Point Of Grace

Mercy – the compassionate treatment shown to those in distress, less fortunate and all too often, helpless.

This definition of mercy portrays in precise detail the charitable personality of the Founder and Executive Director of Mercy House, Mrs. Susan Hulet. This veteran midwife of 20 years and deliverer of more than 650 babies knows all too well what it means to mentor, mother, and minister to those in need.

In her years of practice as a midwife, Susan helped many single pregnant women. Along the way, she realized that helping a woman deliver her baby merely scratched the surface of giving her the support she needed to make it as a single parent. As a pastor, she also knew that through faith, a person could overcome tragedy and trial and beat all odds. Armed with this knowledge and her passion for women and children, came a vision…a house, but not just any house! A home to serve, support and minister to single pregnant women. Mercy House, a Christian maternity home, was conceived in the heart of this compassionate woman and her benevolent church.

After much prayer and planning, Mercy House opened its doors in March 1998 to its first three expectant mothers. At the time, Mercy House was one free standing residential dwelling with a set of full time house parents, three expectant mothers and later their babies.

In the over ten years since its conception, Mercy House and Susan have made many changes in order to stand strong in their commitment to single mothers. For a season, there wasn’t a centralized house for the girls to call home, but five separate volunteer homes, dubbed “Shepherding Families.” These gracious families volunteered to take one expectant mother into their homes for the duration of her pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after the baby’s birth.

During her stay with the shepherding family, Mercy House utilized its broad spectrum of volunteers to bless the mother with pregnancy care, life skills training and Christian discipleship. They did so in order to establish a solid foundation for two lives. The shepherding home is a refuge; dedicated to the emotional and spiritual support of the newly developing family.

Recently Mercy House has acquired a new residential home that will be able to house up to six girls along with the resident house parents. When a young woman leaves Mercy House with her program completed she has hope for the future. The faithful staff and volunteers have seen her through to the establishment of long term plans and goals, which include helping her find permanent housing, a church family to grow in, and the items necessary to run a household.

These lives of these precious young women and their newborn babies are the reason that Mercy House exists. Check out our other pages to find out more about what we do and how you can get involved.