Say Hello To Sophia Ellen!

Mercy House Birth Announcement Sophia Ellen

Say Hello to baby Sophia!   Born – 6/30/2014 Weight – 8 lbs

Welcome Baby Josiah

So happy to welcome baby Josiah into the world!   Born – 4/17/14 Weight – 8lbs 11oz

Say Hello to Baby Janeti

Hello world my name is Janeti (Janet)   Born – 4/16/14 Weight – 7;bs

Take Heart and Keep Sowing

Recently my daughter’s family moved into a new house. Well, it is new for them, but had actually been the home of a lovely woman who had lived there 27 years but had recently died. The first time… Read More

Your Right to Choose

Wednesday, January 22nd, was the 41st anniversary of the landmark decisions of the Supreme Court legalizing abortion at any point in pregnancy, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.  Since that day over 56 million lives have been… Read More