Resident receiving a car as a gift

When a resident reaches the Life phase of our program and is ready to graduate, one of the greatest needs is reliable transportation.

Donating a vehicle in good working condition is another way to impact the life of a mom who is currently in our program or has just recently graduated. Independent transportation is a critical resource. It will allow her to maintain steady employment, transport her baby to childcare, grocery shop, reach her appointments for counseling and case management, attend church, spiritual discipleship classes and so much more.

This short process is required for you to donate your vehicle to Mercy House. The necessary paperwork is detailed below. Click the links to download the PDF’s.


There’s a short process required for you to donate your vehicle to Mercy House. To get started, please follow the directions below to complete the necessary paperwork.

  1. Please complete the Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Gift Transfer (PDF document). This document must be notarized; we cannot accept the title or vehicle without this form. All names that appear on the vehicle’s title must sign each document.
  2. Sign the back of your Texas vehicle title. Titles from other states may have different requirements.
  3. Please sign the certification on the Application for Texas Title (PDF document). If there are two names on the title, both signatures are required. (It is not necessary for you to complete the remainder of the form, just the signatures.)
  4. Please complete the IRS Donation Form for Vehicles (PDF document).
  5. For additional information on donating a vehicle, read the Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donation published by the IRS.


  • The donation process is anonymous.
  • Fill out all the paperwork (see above).
  • We will then arrange a time an appointment time to drop the vehicle off with the paperwork.
  • Contact us through our Contact form for an appointment.
  • It is not necessary for you to take off the license plates or registration. We will actually need this for the title office.
  • All vehicles will be assessed to determine whether the vehicle is in good donation shape. If the vehicle passes we will arrange a pickup/drop off to solidify the transaction.
  • Once the vehicle is ready, we will then donate it to the selected person on the car donation list.

Thank you very much for your generosity. You are going to bless a single mom!

The gift of reliable transportation is a life-changing experience for a single mom!