What We Do

Mercy House Ministries offering hope and help for single pregnant women

What Mercy House provides:

When a young woman becomes a client at Mercy House, an opportunity begins for a complete new start. We immediately help her evaluate what she needs to begin making healthy choices and discern the direction and decisions that will be necessary for her new life. Licensed social workers assist her with taking action steps to follow through on each of her defined goals.

The following is a description of services which assist in these goals.

A Safe Home

Caring house pastors provide a safe, nurturing home environment during the pregnancy and for up to twenty weeks after delivery.

Complete Pregnancy Care

Each woman is provided complete prenatal, labor and delivery and postpartum care from pro-life midwives and doctors. The pregnancy is closely monitored to meet her indivdual needs.


Professional and pastoral counselors meet with Mercy House residents to assist them with the resolution of family issues, emotional struggles and spiritual concerns. Emphasis is always placed on confronting these problems with the truth of God’s Word.


The priority of education in preparation for a solid, stable life is strongly encouraged for each Mercy House resident. We provide help with preparation for a general equivalency diploma as well as higher educational goals such as vocational training or college classes. We continually stress the importance of education as a key to a strong, self-supporting future.

Life Skills Training

Individual and group instruction assist in helping our residents with the skills needed to establish a healthy home. These include parenting instruction; basic infant care and safety; nutrition and cooking; healthy lifestyle training, and any other area identified in each individual resident’s life. The training is formal as well as modeled by all Mercy House staff and volunteers.

Special Issue Assistance

Unique, individual needs such as help acquiring a driver’s license, assistance resolving a legal issue, or completing unfinished business are prioritized and assisted by our volunteers as part of the service plan we create for each resident.

Spiritual Ministry

Strong emphasis is placed on each woman’s involvement in a local church. Household devotions and weekly Bible study are priorities. We encourage each resident to understand that the support of a vibrant body of believers is critical to her future success.


Residents enjoy extended relationships with mentors who provide additional spiritual, emotional and physical support. Each mentor is included in her life as a model of health and the beauty of functional living.