Why Mercy House?

Last week someone asked me to answer in a short paragraph the question “Why Mercy House?”. It was a challenge for me and I had to take a minute to think how to simply answer that question.

There are so many aspects to Mercy House that mean so much to me. I love helping women in trouble and who need to find Jesus in their lives. I love the babies, seeing them born and begin their new life outside the womb. I love empowering a woman to love and nurture her child and find a future together. I love working with the wonderful people that have linked arms with us to provide hope and help to single pregnant women. I love the Lord and I believe He wants us to reach out to a hurting world and provide real answers and real assistance that matters in lives.

But really for me, what I desire most is that abortion would be ended. I want to see it over. It is the ugly reality of death in America and around the world. Each day 3700 abortions happen in America, 1.37 million a year. 42 million abortions are performed worldwide EACH YEAR. I want to say to every pregnant woman facing an uncertain future, you don’t have to walk that road; there are people who love you and care, who will link arms with you and get you through this. Not only will they get you through it, but help you to see that a miracle is inside of you. This is not a blob of tissue to flush away. This is an eternal being with a future. That future is in your realm of choice so PLEASE choose life.

Our vision is and always will be “Empowering single, pregnant women with hope and help so that no woman will feel compelled to have an abortion due to lack of support.” That is my answer to “Why Mercy House?”

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