The Joy of Gratitude


On October 4th, my brother Jim’s airplane went down in the desert of Arizona. With him was his wife of 31 years and another couple who were longtime friends.

It is hard to describe what it is like to receive a call relaying news like this. To me it felt like being hit by a 2 X 4 times 1000. In just one second the world you assume is one way will never be the same.

I was really close to my brother. We both had very busy lives but we always had that internal knowledge that we could call and immediately pick up where we last left off. Sadly most of our communication was not face to face when we could have enjoyed that much more often. I am thankful for the relationship we had but deeply miss him.

My take away from this is simple. Love on the ones you love while you can. Make the commitment to regularly spend time with the sweetest people in your life. Don’t be so busy that you go months or years thinking you will get around to it. You just never know when that door may close.

Another takeaway for me is the joy of gratitude. I am so thankful for this amazing brother that I had for 57 years. I am thankful for the memories, for the battles fought, for the victories shared. If we keep a daily commitment to thankfulness at the forefront of our life, joy will follow.

It is impossible to abound in gratitude and live in depression.

Today the joy I have is knowing Jim is happy with a new reality of existence. Today the joy I have is knowing that one day I will see him again in heaven praising the Savior we both love so much. Just wish I hadn’t been such a busy girl.

– Susan

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