Take Heart and Keep Sowing


Recently my daughter’s family moved into a new house. Well, it is new for them, but had actually been the home of a lovely woman who had lived there 27 years but had recently died. The first time I saw the house I was totally elated at the amazing yard this woman had maintained. Beautiful rose beds, hedges, gardens and a manicured lawn that had obviously received a lot of love. Having a mom that is a true plant and garden enthusiast, my daughter then asked me to help her plan what she should do to her yard. However, the dead of winter is not the time to make changes in an unknown yard that has already been sown.

My advice to my daughter was to wait a year and see what springs to life. And so we have really enjoyed watching this lovely yard unfold. Daffodils, hyacinths, iris, and even some hidden cactus have all come forth. And I am sure the display has just begun as we are seeing more jewels rise from the earth.

The lesson that I am reminded of in this lovely example is the principle of sowing and reaping. In our lives we are in a continuous sowing and reaping process. In spring, I eagerly anticipate the appearance of my own “sowings” and invariably will see something I completely forgot I had planted.

Sowing in the Kingdom can be like that. We go about our lives giving, serving and praying and sometimes forget that we even did those things. But God doesn’t forget. Not one single thing we have sown will go without its reward. Jesus said, “Whoever of you gives a cup of water in my Name, because you belong to Me, shall not lose his reward.” What a tremendous promise!

Friend, if you are discouraged right now, take heart! Most assuredly there will be things that you have sown that you have long since forgotten about. But your Heavenly Father hasn’t. He is the One who sees and He rewards. He is the Lord of the Harvest, and since He is Lord of that harvest we can count on His faithfulness to be sure our harvest comes in, at the right time and in the right way. He does ask that we believe Him in faith that what we have sown, we will also reap, and not to grow weary in our well doing.

So take heart and keep sowing, watching with expectancy for those things ready to be harvested now and trusting for those things to be harvested later. You cannot lose your reward! – Susan

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