JC with Lyrik on princess day right before graduation

She Set Big Goals and Crushed Them

This transformation story is an example of what can happen when we present opportunities to excel to moms in our program and they rise to the challenge. Lyrik’s mom set big goals and crushed them!

Another mom has graduated and transitioned into her new home.

She set big goals and crushed them! We are so proud of Lyrik’s mom!

She came to Mercy House on her 18th birthday and immediately started working on plans for her future.

While at Mercy House, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior and was baptized! When asked about her biggest takeaway from Mercy House, she said, “my relationship with God. Having a good relationship with God is what will help me most in my life. I tried to make it without Him and it didn’t work! If it wasn’t for Mercy House, I would not have that relationship with God.” 💖

On July 31st, 2021, Lyrik was born and her life was forever changed. A mother’s love for her child is a beautiful thing.

One of her big goals was to graduate from high school. She studied hard but was a little apprehensive about her tests. A lot in her future was riding on passing. Covered in prayer, she passed with flying colors!

Another one of her big goals was learning to drive! Before each of her driving lessons, she wanted to make sure we always prayed over the car and for safety. That is something she still does when driving.

Through her experiences, she learned to value prayer.

This beautiful young woman loves everything to do with music. She sings like an angel and serves on the Praise and Worship team at church. She’s thankful for her church family, especially the Praise and Worship team!

Because of Mercy House, she’s much more prepared mentally for life and her future. She’s thankful for the Staff and all they poured into her. She said, “I learned so many life skills like driving, cooking, how to be a mom, and all the classes in the program. My favorite group activity was watching The Chosen.”

She furthered her education with a certification as a Dental Assistant and started her new job right before she graduated from the program.🦷

Having reliable transportation plays a huge part of a mom’s next steps toward independence. We’re happy to report that through a grant and generous donations, a dependable car was gifted to her. We are thankful for the grant and each donor who made this life-changing gift possible.

Some pivotal points in her journey:

  • She accepted Jesus as her Lord and put her trust in God💝
  • She serves on the Praise and Worship team at church
  • She’s equipped with skills and resources📖
  • She’s a certified Dental Assistant with a full-time job😁
  • She has reliable transportation🚗
  • She graduated from the program and moved into her own home🎓
  • Lyrik just turned one and took her first steps.🥰👀

We are so proud of her and the wonderful mom she is to Lyrik!

Please continue to keep her and Lyrik in your prayers as they start the next phase of their journey!

This story is another example of the amazing work God is doing at Mercy House.


YOU make our work possible!

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