A mom and baby share a second chance at life

A Second Chance at Life

This story depicts the transforming work of God in a mom’s life as she journeyed from broken, scared and hopeless to a second chance for a bright future filled with hope.

Another mom has graduated and transitioned into her new home! We are so proud of our graduate!

When she came to Mercy House, this mom had lost all hope. Scared, depressed and alone, her will to carry on vanished. Life was hard…and hopeless.

Her mom found Mercy House on the internet. When she filled out the online application, she did not expect to hear back because she didn’t think she was worthy of a second chance at life. When Saundra called her for the interview, she said to herself, “wow, how amazing would it be if I was actually accepted into something this great?!”

A month later, she was pulling up in front of Mercy House where she was welcomed with open arms.

While at Mercy House, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and built a strong spiritual foundation. She takes daily walks with God and looks forward to her devotional time including reading her Bible each morning before her baby, Suzzanna, wakes up.

She furthered her education with a certification in phlebotomy. She also completed all the course work in the Mercy House program that taught her parenting education and life skills (including learning to cook.) She gained freedom through Ditch the Baggage and Poverty, Riches and Wealth. The Purple Book course solidified her biblical foundation. The Overcomers program helped her recover from lifelong addictive behavior. Moms in Prayer strengthened and deepened her prayer life.

She didn’t think she could be a good mom, but with her new resources and God on her side, she is confident in her parenting.

She shares more about her journey in this video: A New Chance at Life: from Pregnant, Scared and Alone to Full of Hope

Some pivotal points in her journey:

  • She is saved and put her trust in God 💝
  • She found her worth – it’s in Christ 🙌
  • She’s thankful for a second chance at life 🙏
  • She’s equipped with skills and resources 📖
  • She’s a Certified Phlebotomist 🩺
  • A wonderful car was gifted to her (thank you, donors!!!) 🚗
  • She graduated from the program and moved into her own home 🎓
  • Suzzanna is an 8-month-old baby girl who loves to giggle 🥰

Milestones Sarah has experienced on her journey

She overflows with thankfulness to God and Mercy House for bringing her into this life-changing program because, she says, “it has given me another shot at life. I have found hope and look forward to the future, which is now bright.”

We are so proud of our graduate and the wonderful mom she is to Suzzanna.

Please keep her and Suzzanna in your prayers as they start this next phase of their journey.

This story is another example of the amazing work God is doing at Mercy House.

Thank you for your prayers, volunteerism and financial support.

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