A mom's story: ready to face the world

Ready to Face the World

This story depicts the transforming work of God in our graduate’s life as she journeyed from lost and heartbroken to ready to face the world.

This is our mom’s transformation story.

This mom spent the 4 or 5 years before her recovery period on the streets. She fell victim to addiction and sexual exploitation.

She tried to commit suicide multiple times.

She felt so helpless.

She was in and out of rehab.

At the lowest point in her life, she found out she was pregnant. Something had to change.

That change was the catalyst that put her on the path to freedom.

This time, she made the decision that she was going to break the cycle and ace recovery.

She found a program that would detox a pregnant woman. Then, she discovered Mercy House through a nonprofit that provided help to sex trafficking survivors.

Every step of her path to Mercy House was divinely orchestrated.

When she came to Mercy House, she was lost, broken, homeless and lacked confidence. The staff and volunteers at Mercy House showed her what true, unconditional love was in a Christian family environment. She’d never experienced that kind of family bond before.

During her time at Mercy House, she developed an intimate relationship with God for the first time in her life.

God gave her an incredible gift, her saving grace, in the birth of her daughter, Penelope.

Before Mercy House, she was confused and heartbroken. She didn’t know how to trust or believe in herself. Because of Mercy House and God’s transforming work in her life, her heart is open to God’s leading and she’s transformed into a new person who is ready to face the world.

She shares more of her testimony in the video below. This inspirational story will touch your heart!

Some pivotal points in her journey:

  • She dedicated her life to God and was baptized
  • She is employed and won an award as “the Caring Soul that warms the office” during her employer’s awards ceremony
  • She graduated from the program and moved into her own home
  • A donor gifted a car to her so she can drive back and forth to work
  • Her faith in God is strong and she continues to grow in her relationship with Him
  • Penelope is thriving and just turned one
  • God is revealing purpose to her as she dreams about a future in Counseling
  • She has continued her relationship with Mercy House and encourages the moms currently in the program

She is thankful that God led her to Mercy House.

Images from our Graduate’s Journey

Images from Amberlee's Journey

This mom is just one of many women whose lives have been transformed by God through the hope and help offered by Mercy House.

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