New Year’s Resolution

So I have a confession. I like New Year’s resolutions. Every year I hear or read in various places that we really ought not to make resolutions we know we will break. That our energies would best be set to a more appropriate spiritual goal. I come away feeling sort of robbed of the greatness of resolutions.

So what is a resolution anyway? I think essentially it is a thoughtful look back followed by a hopeful look forward. It requires taking time to think about what you would like to be different and deciding to do something about it. Of course I realize that there are certainly levels of “resolve” ranging from most frivolous “I resolve to start wearing toe rings” to “I am going to lose the extra weight I have this year”…to well, you can probably name a plethora of your own. Where I think we miss it, is when we fail to marry our resolution to our values. We will never keep a resolution that isn’t in line with what our heart truly believes is important. And chances are if your New Year’s resolution is in line with your values, you haven’t really moved that far from it.

Maybe you’ve experienced a weary drop in determination, or a slight drift of distraction that by the end of the year you feel less than satisfied with results. The New Year is a great time to look at our values and ask “how well have I lived what I truly believe?”

So my resolution this year is simple. I resolve to remain unashamedly pro-life and be always vocal about it. I have noticed this year that the thought has occurred to me that not everyone who supports a ministry like Mercy House is pro-life in their perspective. It is an interesting dilemma when considering just what I will say. Or if I will say anything at all. I always come back to my values. I cannot remain silent and depend on others to speak. Whether it is politically incorrect or not, I will fight the good fight of faith and stand for the lives of the unborn. I will vote pro-life, I will financially support pro-life works, I will blog about it, and I will most certainly stand for the overturn of the landmark Roe vs. Wade decision of the Supreme Court that opened the door of hell.

My prayer, my resolve this year is to keep speaking, keep working and keep loving until God’s love has broken through and every life is valued and protected with the inalienable right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

– Susan


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