A mom's transformation story, from broken to a new creation in Christ.

A New Creation in Christ

This story depicts the transforming work of God in our graduate’s life as she journeyed from broken, scared and lonely to a new creation in Christ.

She GRADUATED! We are so proud of  our mom!

When she came to Mercy House, she was 14 weeks pregnant with little to no faith or hope.

She says, “I was broken…my soul was lost. I really did not have a plan for myself or my unborn child.

She was at the lowest point in her life and ready to leave behind substance abuse, alcoholism, and toxic relationships. Broken, scared, and lonely, she was living in a homeless shelter. She knew of God but didn’t know God.

Then, she discovered Mercy House when looking for homes for pregnant women.

Fast forward several months later, “I am now a new creation in Jesus Christ. I have not looked back since. I am more focused and determined than ever. I am becoming more spiritually grounded in God’s word daily (some days easier than others!) …I’m a whole different person than I was when I walked in that door.

She is thankful for the fundamental classes, from the first to the last, that laid the foundation for her walk with Christ so she could be the mother God called her to be and live out the purpose God created for her.

She learned to pray and thank God without expecting anything in return. Praying over her son, Samuel Elijah, and into his life is a treasure to her. She knows how to do that because of Mercy House. She says, “to be able to show my son the love of Christ…that He’s ALIVE…that’s everything to me because I didn’t have that. I’m able to do that for my son which sets him up for a better future.”🙏

Some pivotal points in her journey:

  • She’s saved and put her trust in God💝
  • She’s a new creation in Christ (and can stand firm on that)🙌
  • She’s equipped with skills and resources 📖
  • She’s a Certified Phlebotomist (her dream is to become a Registered Nurse)🩺
  • A wonderful car was gifted to her (we are so thankful to the donors that made this life changing gift possible)🚗
  • She graduated from the program and moved into her own home🎓
  • Samuel is a sweet boy, the apple of His mama’s eye!🥰
  • She’s confident that with Jesus, she can conquer anything!🙏

Milestones in Tanisha's journey

She says, “My most important relationship goal is with Jesus! I have found my identity in Christ, I now believe I am who He says I am. God is not done with me – He is just getting started.”

We are so proud of our graduate and the wonderful mom she is to Samuel!

Please continue to keep her and Samuel in your prayers as they start the next phase of their journey!

This story is another example of the amazing work God is doing at Mercy House.

Thank you for your prayers, volunteerism and financial support.

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