Made in the Image of God

In this story, our mom shares about the change that took place in her life as she journeyed from those first steps of transformation to complete wholeness.

Our mom tells her story

My stay at Mercy House marks the significant moments that led me to complete transformation. I came in with no aim, broken, hurt, confused, and more than anything trapped. I was trapped in all aspects of the world and everyone in it.

I graduated Mercy House with not only a discovered purpose, but a corrected mindset, and a corrected heart.

I left as a brand-new person. I left as a woman after God.

Mercy House is more than just a maternity home. It is a safe place. Not just in the sense that it is protected, but it is safe in the sense that you can grow without any judgment.

It is a haven that God could isolate women from parts of their past so that no distractions could get in the way of what God is trying to bring out within, and for, each one of them.

Mercy House is a refuge in which single pregnant women can at last drop all the baggage they have had to carry (emotional abuse, physical abuse, toxic relationships, financial hardships, family dysfunction, habits, past mistakes that might have been made, tragedy that may have occurred, etc.) and to not only regain peace of mind but to give them the freedom to start walking through life on a much healthier path.

Doing so, it gives mothers a chance to set a stable foundation for her and her baby.

Images from mom’s journey

While at Mercy House, this mom received Christ as her Savior and was baptized.

Olivia's baptism

During her time with us, she grew in confidence and trust and embarked down a path of discovering her true value and worth. Combined with her talent of painting is our mom’s ability to tell her story on canvas.

Olivia's artwork, "The First Step," depicts the transformation in her life.

Her artwork, shown above, is entitled “The First Step.” The featured painting depicts her journey as she took her first steps of transformation. It is the story of being made in the image of God that is so beautifully illustrated through her artThis mom is just one of many women whose lives have been transformed by God through the hope and help offered by Mercy House.

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