Mercy House Ministries Hope and Help

Hope & Help


The priority of education in preparation for a solid, stable life is strongly encouraged for each Mercy House resident. We provide help with preparation for a general equivalency diploma as well as higher educational goals such as vocational training or college classes. We continually stress the importance of education as a key to a strong, self-supporting future.

Life Skills Training:

Individual and group instruction assist in helping our residents with the skills needed to establish a healthy home. These include parenting instruction; basic infant care and safety; nutrition and cooking; healthy lifestyle training, and any other area identified in each individual resident’s life. The training is formal as well as modeled by all Mercy House staff and volunteers.

Special Issue Assistance:

Unique, individual needs such as acquiring a driver’s license, resolving a legal issue, or completing unfinished business are  prioritized and assisted by our volunteers as part of the service plan we create for each resident.


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