Learning to Fly Right-Side Up by Mark Eliff

Learning to Fly Right-Side Up

My friend Dallas Willard writes in The Divine Conspiracy, “Very few people today find Jesus interesting as a person or of vital relevance to the course of their actual lives. He…is thought to be concerned with some feathery realm other than the one we must deal with, and must deal with now.”

Most of us as individuals live at high-speed, as if practicing high-speed maneuvers in a jet fighter—we turn the controls for what we think is a steep ascent and fly straight into the ground—unaware we had been flying upside down.

Because we all behave according to our core thoughts, our misunderstood ideas of Jesus and his gospel keep us from flying right-side up. Jesus invites us to a life that does have a compass that keeps us from flying upside down.

A big part of what inspired me (and my wife) to pull up roots in California and join the Mercy House family here in Texas is the fact that Jesus’ invitation is extended to each of the women who come to live here.

Mercy House, as we see it, moves beyond equipping each of its women for life after pregnancy. Inherently built into the program is an invitation to the women to make a pilgrimage—into the heart and life of God.

Mercy House echoes the gospel of Jesus Christ testifying that the kingdom is open even to these women—many of whom never would have thought they were deserving of anything, much less the kingdom of God—painting a beautiful, strategic portrait of what life could be like as they learn to fly right-side up, becoming fruitful and secure in God’s care.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!


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