A mom's story: from abandoned to empowered

From Abandoned to Empowered

This story depicts the amazing testimony of the love of God and His transforming power at work in our graduate’s life.

This is our mom’s story

Our mom was searching when she found Mercy House. She was looking for resources that would help a woman who had experienced trauma and witnessed human trafficking. A woman who had seen death.

She wanted a closer relationship with the Lord and opened her heart to His direction.

God led her to Mercy House when she was 4 months pregnant.

She didn’t know places like Mercy House even existed. She had heard of shelters; but, Mercy House was more than a shelter. It was a home.

The women she encountered had heard it all. They welcomed her and made her feel comfortable.

Mercy House changed her life.

It was more than just a home.
It was a school.
It was therapy.
Mercy House grounded her spiritually.

Through it all, she found her voice.

Before Mercy House, she felt abandoned. Now, she is an empowered woman who is serious about moving forward in her life.

She set goals and is already executing those goals.

  • She studied Phlebotomy and passed her certification test. She’s now employed as a phlebotomist.
  • She graduated from the program and moved into her own apartment.
  • Her sweet little Sebastian is thriving at 5 months old.

She is thankful for Mercy House.

We’re so proud of her!

Images from our mom’s journey
Surrounded by community at her graduation party, at her job as a Phlebotomist, the birth of her son, Sebastian, with Sebastian at the Mercy House Benefit, and sharing words describing her at her baby shower.

Images from Corlisa's journey

Sebastian’s mom is just one of many women whose lives have been transformed by God through the hope and help offered by Mercy House.

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