Friends of Mercy House

Mercy House Ministries offering hope and help for single pregnant women

We want to acknowledge our partners who have done special things for our ministry and residents. Our Friends are important connections and have shown their love for our stand for life and for our vision of helping single pregnant women and their babies.

Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture We received a generous gift of new furniture donated by Ashley Furniture for the needs of our home.

Ashley Furniture went ABOVE AND BEYOND in blessing our home with gorgeous new furniture and accessories.

Thank you, Ashley Furniture, for making Mercy House more beautiful!


Colleyville Woman’s Club

Colleyville Woman's Club We received a grant from the Colleyville Woman’s Club for the purchase of RealCare babies. RealCare babies are simulator dolls used to help with education in infant care and what it is like to be a mommy 24/7. The lifelike, computerized dolls record the “mom’s” responses to the baby’s needs for one week and are then reviewed with a mentor.  This provides a springboard for discussion of any concerns the resident may have.

We also received a Shaken Baby Syndrome manikin which will be used in a group teaching to show the damage and risks that happen if a baby is shaken.

We are so excited to have these new tools in our educational program and want to say thank you again to the wonderful women of the Colleyville Women’s Club!


Council for Life

Council for Life We were chosen as a recipient of a sizeable grant for education and transportation needs.

We are very grateful for your help, Council for Life!



Crown of Life

Crown of Life Lutheran Church Logo Crown of Life Lutheran Church has for the last several years included Mercy House in its “Showing Jesus’ Love” day. They have done projects both inside and outside the group home that have beautified and enhanced the environment that our residents experience.

Thank you, Crown of Life, for showing Jesus’ love to us!

Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace Embrace Grace continues to provide support through their wonderful small group meetings and training program to all of our residents. In addition to this, they furnished our residents’ rooms with such beautiful decorations and themes. The residents love their rooms that say, “We thought of everything you would need and we are glad you are here!”.

You are awesome, Embrace Grace!

Gateway Global Missions

Bless Gateway Global Missions Gateway Church gave us a sizeable grant to purchase a 10 passenger van. We are so grateful for this blessing and to have a safe, clean and efficient transportation process.  It is hard moving car seats around! We now have them all in one place.

Thank you, Gateway Church!


Irving Bible Church

Irving Bible Church Irving Bible Church has uniquely come alongside Mercy House with tremendous support, both financially and in their volunteer efforts. From showers to mentoring, help with our educational program, and assistance with our events, the members of IBC have stepped up and helped with excellence and so much willingness.

Thank You, Irving Bible Church, for being such a great friend of Mercy House!

Milestone Church

Milestone Church Last Fall the monthly women’s ministry at Milestone Church, FLOURISH, gave us a huge baby shower and also a large financial donation for their yearly project. We were overwhelmed with gifts and a generous donation that came at such a perfect time. Thank you, Flourish, for your love and outpouring!

Also this spring one of the small group meetings from Milestone came and created a beautiful paved sitting area in the front of our residential home. They furnished it with chairs, a table and lovely landscaping.

We are so blessed by Milestone Church!


The Village Church

The Village Church Our front yard is ready for a new season thanks to the Home Group, led by Charlie & Rachel Moussa, from The Village Church in Flower Mound. They worked so hard planting new flowers and trimming trees.

Thank you! We are truly blessed.