A mom's faith turns trials into triumph

Faith Turns Trials into Triumph

This story depicts the transforming work of God in our graduate’s life as she used her faith to turn trials into triumph.

A mom’s transformation story.

We are so proud of our mom. She GRADUATED! When she first came to Mercy House, she faced HUGE obstacles when her son, Khaza, was born prematurely. But she pressed into a closer relationship with the Lord and her faith turned her trials into triumph.

God used this traumatic experience to demonstrate to this mom His love and transforming power.

She came to Mercy House at the beginning of the pandemic when she was 3 months pregnant. She felt lost, confused and alone. She was apprehensive being in a new home with women she didn’t know. After a few days, she began to bond with the other residents and the staff who welcomed her with loving arms.

A couple of months into the program, her world was turned upside down. At a regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment, she learned she would be admitted into the hospital immediately for an emergency C-section. Her son, Khaza, was born prematurely the next day. He weighed 2 lbs 4.3 oz.

As Khaza defied the odds and blossomed in the hospital, his mom learned about the power of prayer as God worked in both of their lives. 😍

She said, “The experience grew me closer to God. I said to God, ‘I am putting the situation in Your hands and I have faith You will pull me through.’”

Through this experience, she learned, “Whatever you’re praying about, He’s working on it. You may not see it, but He is working on answering your prayers.” 🙏

She shares more about her experience in this video: Growing in Faith after a Traumatic Experience.

The months of spiritual discipleship in the Mercy House program cemented her faith in God so she could overcome difficult situations.

She learned how to pray (out loud), talk to God and hear Him. Grounding herself in Scripture grew her faith. She bonded deeply with the staff and other residents. They pray for each other and their children.

Some pivotal points in her journey:

  • She loves Jesus and put her trust in Him! What a beautiful experience to behold as we watched God change her heart. 💝
  • She has a full time job. 💻
  • A wonderful car was gifted to her (we are so thankful to the donors that made this life changing gift possible). 🚗
  • She graduated from the program and transitioned into her own home. 🎓
  • Her faith in God is strong and she continues to grow in her relationship with Him. 🙏
  • Khaza is a thriving, sweet boy, who makes everyone smile! 😇🥰
  • They made giant leaps forward on the road to self-sufficiency as they began this new season in their lives! 🥳

Milestones in Sierra's journey

We are so proud of our graduate and the wonderful mom she is to Khaza!

Please continue to keep her and Khaza in your prayers as they start the next phase of their journey!

This story is another example of the amazing work God is doing at Mercy House.

Thank you for your prayers, volunteerism and financial support.

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