Another mom has graduated

Determined to Succeed: a Fresh Start in Life

In our latest transformation story, our graduate is a woman who was determined to succeed. She courageously left behind all the pieces of her old life to embark on this journey. A fresh start in life.

Women from all walks of life enter the Mercy House program, looking for help while facing the biggest crisis of their lives. Some come from circumstances that require the protection of their identity for their safety and that of their child. That’s the case for one of our summer graduates.

This mom leads an organic kind of lifestyle. There’s no processed food, fast food or products with chemicals for this mom! Disposable diapers were not an option either. It’s cloth diapers all the way!

She chose natural childbirth with midwives and a doula. Susan gladly participated in her birth experience in December.

Susan said, “This week I had the joy of attending the birth of one of our Mercy House babies. Her sweet mother labored patiently and faithfully all night long and delivered a beautiful, healthy little girl in the early hours of the morning. She was attended by a team of midwives and a doula who helped her beautifully and gently through her childbirth journey.

“It’s been a while since I attended a birth, having retired from midwifery practice and just been at my grandbabies’ births. But I remember at every birth I never got tired of seeing the miracle of a brand new life coming into the world.

“How amazing it is to see it happen, and be a part of that first breath, first cry, and first embrace.

“I was moved again to tears with the wonder and joy of it all.

“Experiencing this birth reminded me anew of why we do what we do. It’s because God is the giver of life, and He is the God of love who created this eternal soul. It’s because every life is precious and deserves to live out their destiny and purpose. It’s because we want to love every mother and baby into the good future and hope that God has for them.”

We love because He first loved us. His great love is the guiding force behind our mission.

We pull from this love to offer Life Support to moms in need: a Love Investment into Families that Empowers, Strengthens, Unifies and Produces Possibilities and Opportunities Reaching Treasured generations.

Mom rose to the challenge of life at Mercy House, completing all the courses in our program including Boundaries, Relationship Goals, Celebrate Recovery, Embrace Grace, Biblical Sexuality, Financial Peace University and more.

Some pivotal points in her journey:

  • Accepted Jesus as Lord of her life
  • Attends a local church where she’s flourishing
  • Taking steps to overcome fear and past trauma
  • Learned to drive and received her driver’s license
  • Equipped with skills and resources
  • Narrowed down her career path and has a full-time job
  • Managed her finances responsibly (filed her own taxes and maintained bank accounts)
  • Gifted reliable transportation by generous donors and a grant (we’re so thankful)
  • Graduated from the program and moved into her own home
  • Baby girl is almost 8 months old and loves to smile and giggle

We are so proud of her and the wonderful mom she is to her baby girl. Please keep them in your prayers as they walk out the next steps of their faith journey.

YOU make our work possible! Thank you for changing the future one life at a time.

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