Conquering Goliath

River Rocks

This morning during my daily Scripture reading I came to the story of David and Goliath. As I re-read this familiar favorite I began to feel the encouragement of its message again. In my mind I imagined David coming into the army’s camp to the scorn of his brothers, especially Eliab, the firstborn who was “passed over” as the new king by Samuel.

I pictured him watching Goliath mock the army of Israel, and the soldiers discussing the rewards that would come to the one conquering this foe. I saw his youthful heart boldly stating his indignation at the taunts of the uncircumcised Philistine. I felt proud as I followed him into Commander Saul’s tent where he confidently proclaimed, “Let no man’s heart fail on account of him, your servant will go and fight with this Philistine”.

Then I felt my heart sink as I observed what all too often happens; the voice of “reason” from the one who should be his greatest supporter saying, “Sorry…..You are not able to go.”

Make no mistake, David didn’t defeat Goliath when that smooth river stone sank into his enemy’s towering head. No…David’s battle was won at this pivotal moment; the moment when he had to choose between the voice of his commander and the voice of his Heavenly Father.

I was struck again by the irony of this story. Saul had sent for David and then promptly proceeded to shoot him down, and it’s such a picture of our human reasoning. We find ourselves in a situation that seems insurmountable. Our reason spins and turns and we are desperate for an answer. And just when a ray of hope breaks through the clouds and we begin to believe that there is hope, ready and waiting is the lie of the enemy telling us this situation will not change, that we “are not able.” Sometimes that voice can come from those who should be our greatest advocates.

It is in these moments that it is so important, so unbelievably critical that we respond like David did. That no matter what we hear from others and no matter how afraid we might feel, we know and trust that our Heavenly Father’s view is what’s really true. He will help us slay our Goliath.

When a young woman who has been beaten down by life comes to Mercy House she is facing her own Goliath. It may be past abuse that taunts her and threatens to take her down. It may be the voice of her enemy telling her she is small and powerless against him.

It most certainly is the homelessness and daunting obstacles she sees to having a peaceful and productive life as a single mother. At Mercy House we are committed to being the ones who will say to her, “The Lord has delivered you from the paw of the lion and the bear, and He will deliver you from this “Philistine.”

Lord may we always be Your voice of hope against all the voices of “reason.”

– Susan

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