A Nest in the Rose Bush

Rose Nest

Recently my gardening guru sister-in-law was trimming a large rose bush in her yard. Much to her surprise, after cutting away some unruly limbs, she found a little bird’s nest with three small eggs nestled safely inside.

Unfortunately, by removing the thorny barrier she had inadvertently exposed the carefully selected home of the mother and developing eggs. As you can imagine there became no small concern about “our eggs”. My mother (who was with her) began praying that the eggs would be protected against predators, and for the better part of the day our attention was occupied by questions like, “how are the eggs doing? Are they still there?”

The next day my sister-in-law went to check on “our eggs”. That’s when she saw the mother bird’s attempt at plan B. She had carefully laid rose leaves and branches over the tender eggs in an attempt to protect her young. (You can see it in the picture above)

In this sweet story I see such a reflection of our awesome Creator. That He would instill an instinct like this into one of His simplest of creatures is a testimony to His greatness and His love. How perfectly He designed every aspect of His creation including the deep devotion of parents to their young. I have often thought the love of a mother is the closest thing to compare to God’s love. If you are a parent, you know in your deepest heart the passionate, powerful and protective love for your child.

When a young woman comes to Mercy House her parental love for her baby has led her to choose life. She has been able to overcome the feelings of fear and abandonment, confusion and shame that so often lead a woman to make the choice of abortion. I am so grateful we have a home where women can be loved and nurtured themselves, so that they then can be mothers who love and nurture.

My heart is and has always been that no woman would feel compelled to have an abortion due to a lack of support.

There is an answer. 

His name is Jesus and He is the one who has nurtured our hearts and souls with the greatest sacrifice, His very life.

– Susan

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