Welcome Kinzly Grace!


We just had our first baby at our new residential home!  What a joy to welcome little Kinzly Grace into the world.  When I look at her sweet little chubby face I think of all the potential, all the possibilities ahead for this little one.  Isn’t that what all parents do?  We ask ourselves, “Will she be a great leader?  Will she play the piano?  Will she grow up to raise a family of her own?”  So many options are open, waiting to be chosen.  And of course we know that bad choices are options as well.  How we as parents hope and pray that our children will not take a destructive path.  Some of us have walked those paths and we, even more acutely, feel the concern and desire to protect them from all to which those roads can lead.

One of the strongest goals we have at Mercy House is to break the cycle of destruction for TWO lives; both the mother God has led our way and the baby she will embrace while in our care.  But truly it doesn’t stop there.  When God’s people were entering their promised land the Lord warned them of the consequences should they choose to serve other gods, that those iniquities would be seen up to the fourth generation after them.  But He also promised that the outcome of following His ways and serving only Him would be blessing to a thousand generations!  What a gracious God we serve!  When we choose to follow Him there are wonderful outcomes far beyond our knowledge and reach.

For little Kinzly Grace and every baby we have at Mercy House, our deepest desire is that the cycle of destruction is truly broken. That each mother and baby have a safe, healthy, loving place to encounter the God who has so much to unfold in their futures.  My prayer is that love will endure and full potential will be realized for every child God allows our hearts to embrace and our arms to hold. That each little life will be the beginning of blessing to a thousand generations.

– Susan

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