40 Years: 56 Million People

January 22, 2013 is the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to allow abortion on demand in the United States.  Since then, 56 million people have died without a chance to take their first breath. 56 million people have not been given the opportunity to “Get in the Game” (ATI Technologies) or to “Just Do It” (Nike) or discover the “Power of Dreams” (Honda).  Our world is inundated with references to the hope and the gift of life.  We have saturated our culture with engaging slogans like “We Help You Invent the Future” (Dow Corning), discover “The Power of You “ (Time Warner Cable), and “Expect Great Things” (Kohls)

…but for 56 million people that option was never given.  Those voices will never be heard; those lives will never be seen.

They won’t ever “Do More” (American Express).  They will do nothing at all.  They won’t ever “Live Richly” (Citicorp). They are not here.  Think of it: 56 million people.  It is hard to wrap my brain around that number but it totals approximately the combined populations of California and New York.  Can you picture that?  All the people in California and New York State, just gone! 

I would much rather blog about something else.  I really don’t want to think about this; but I can’t stop thinking about it.  I don’t like dealing with it; but I have to deal with it.  This is my honest prayer: Lord what am I to do?  I want to make a difference in the tsunami of this evil.

So how can we?  We must pray.  We must speak.  We must give.  We must work.  And we must believe that the sum of our efforts will make a difference.  We must know that God is powerful and He is good and He will honor everything lovingly done in His name.  We must embrace that we are soldiers in His army; be engaged in this war for life, always remembering that the battle is the Lord’s.

So are you ready to “man (or woman) up” soldier and do your part?  Let’s set our hearts to do something today, something tomorrow and something each opportunity we have to resist the tide and the swell of death.  Let’s do it for the sake of all those in the future who might never have the opportunity to “Be All You Can Be” (Army).

– Susan

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