Bridgette’s Story

Bridgette, a 2003 Mercy House graduate, shares her story.

As we lead up to North Texas Giving Day, we are featuring stories of Mercy House Graduates, showing Where They Are Now.

This is Bridgette’s story.

In 2003, Bridgette learned she was pregnant. She didn’t know how she would make it through the next couple of months, let alone hope, dream, and plan for her future. Yet, she chose life for her baby and came to Mercy House.

The staff at Mercy House showed her what she needed most – unconditional love.

They modeled for her what a godly, healthy family looked like.

But, most importantly, they presented the gospel to her, which changed her life completely.

Shortly after her son was born, she was baptized and her son was dedicated to the Lord on the very same day! It was a turning point in her life.

When she came to Mercy House, she thought she had no voice and that nobody heard her. She discovered that the same God who created the stars heard her. She was not alone. God would be with her every step of the way on her journey.

With the skills she learned at Mercy House and God by her side, she was confident in her ability to parent her child and overcome the obstacles that would present themselves in her life.

Over the past 15 years since she left Mercy House, she continued to draw on what she learned and experienced.

She obtained her GED.

She met the man of her dreams and got married. She now has a family with three handsome boys. Each of her boys accepted Jesus as their Savior and live their lives for Him.

Bridgette’s stay at Mercy House birthed a vision in her for her future: full-time ministry. She longs to show others that same life transforming, unconditional love that she received at Mercy House.

She enrolled in Seminary School. Her first year, she made the Dean’s List all three trimesters. She is now at the beginning of her second year.

This video of her milestones will inspire you!


Mercy House Graduates: Where they are now - Bridgette's Story


We have kept in contact with Bridgette over the years. We recently spoke with her and asked her to share some of the backstory of what was happening in her life when she came to Mercy House.

Bridgette, a 2003 Mercy House graduate with Susan Hulet, Founder of Mercy House, and Pam Frink, Executive Director

She shared many of the trials she faced and how she overcame them because of her faith.

Working through things that hurt us is not easy and not comfortable. It’s like we’re a canvas. God’s got to stretch us. We’re the masterpiece. But He’s got to stretch us. That’s how He gets the glory. Because we can’t do it on our own. ~ Bridgette

This video of her backstory shows how unconditional love can impact the lives of women and their children.


Bridgette's Story and Interview


The videos are also both available on our website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

We’re so proud of Bridgette. Over the years, she stuck with it. She never quit.

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In His Mercy,

Pam Frink

Executive Director